Interior Design

the interior design market worldwide from 2013 to 2023. In 2016, the global interior design market was valued at approximately 121.1 billion U.S. dollars

Courses Offered In Interior Design

Interior Design Courses

Be it a place of residence or a one of work, we believe in designing spaces that give the four walls an identity. We at INIFD, hone the skills of every budding interior designer and equip them with the tools they need to breathe life into the walls.

Interior Design INIFD Bangalore


1 Year Foundation Program In Interior Design

Our One Year Foundation Program is designed to provide you with a firm foundation in design thinking and equip you with the basics of the technical drawing along with exposure to various types of materials used in interiors. As a part of the INIFD curriculum, develop an understanding of the materials & finishes, technical drafting, learn to design Residential Interiors.


2 Year Advance Program In Interior Design

The Two Year course is devised to provide you with all the knowledge and information required by a professional interior designer including professional practice, budgeting, and estimating quantities and cost. Along with this, you will also learn to design and handle commercial spaces such as office, retail, and hospitality design. On completion of this course, you will be equipped with everything you need to work as independent interior designers capable of handling all kinds of residential and commercial spaces.

Interior Design INIFD Bangalore
Interior Design INIFD Bangalore


3 Year Specialization Program In Interior Design

This program is collaboration with Institute of Indian Interior Designers- IIID has been crafted to make our students culturally, socially, and environmentally aware, and who have the knowledge and skills to create interior spaces that are efficient, client focused and sustainable. Students who complete this program will be fully equipped to start their interior design career.


2 Year Super-Specialization Program In Interior Design

This course is crafted to provide the knowledge, competencies and skills necessary to operate in a challenging and challenging global environment. The subjects of the program have a strategic focus that tackles practical issues and concepts and develops the skills required by modern interior design. At the completion of this course, one should be able to work in various fields as an interior designer, Visual Merchandiser, exhibition designer, teacher, etc.

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